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The time is now coaches; pull up a seat, grab a cold one and let’s shed some light into the premium selections that will make or perhaps break our hearts and seasons. With such a volatile start to the season it is more imperative now to make sure we make the correct decisions when selecting those premium players.

This article each week will spread its focus across all positions, so no matter what part of your team needs surgery, the Doc is sure to have you covered!


Position Name Price BE Games Average Last Round Ownership
Def Taylor Adams $   546,700 86 3 116.7 122 37%
Def Sam Docherty $   583,100 105 3 108.7 111 24%
Def Jason Johannisen $   514,200 125 3 100.3 92 12%


Looking back at the information we gathered over the preseason, two of the above 3 candidates were popular choices, the other a Norm-Smith medallist, so these names should come at no shock.

Taylor Adams

The hard nut midfielder is getting it done for not only Collingwood but for the 37% of coaches that selected him to start with. With an average a tick under 117 expect his ownership to double at least by seasons end.

A break even or 86 and opponents in St Kilda, Essendon Geelong in the next three could spell a continued output for the DPP star.

Sam Docherty

Almost no explanation needed here, the most expensive defender at the commencement of round 1 and with 24% ownership, this Blue Bagger has shown why an almost 600k starting salary was demanded. Like Adams, expect Docherty’s ownership to rise as the season progresses. With opponents Gold Coast, Port Adelaide and Sydney his potential output over the next three looks promising!

Jason Johannisen

The artist formerly known as “Top Deck” – whose grand final heroics earned him the Norm Smith medal, came in to this season with only 12% ownership. I expected this to be a lot higher but I understand the apprehensiveness some have after his injury and time off last year.

Fellow coaches, I’m here to make a statement. This bloke will be a top 6 defender by seasons end and the sooner we lose the “never again” stigma surrounding him the better our teams will be for it. With North, Brisbane and GWS on the horizon JJ will continue to demand selection when the time is right.


Position Name Price BE Games Average Last Round Ownership
Mid Dustin Martin $   628,100 93 3 144 155 18%
Mid Marcus Bontempelli $   609,100 82 3 131 133 23%
Mid Ollie Wines $   569,800 65 3 130.7 122 3%


Well, well, well… the defensive trio could have been predicted. But this midfield includes three of the most exciting players to watch and two of them would not have even been in my starting calculations heading into round 1.

Dustin “Chopsticks” Martin

We have been saying it for years; commentators, coaches, journo’s alike have all uttered the words… “Dustin Martin will be a beast.”

I’m so very happy to say – that time is now. Averaging a MONSTER 144 with a break-even of 93 could very well spell the beginning of a new era. Once upon a time Martin could barely run out a game, often finding himself at 90 points to half time only to finish on 105. Read carefully community. Not. Any. More.

With Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide to come, I can foresee a few astute coaches trading Gawn, pushing Nank the Tank Engine to the rucks and fiddling with DPP to bring in the one, the only… Chopsticks.

Marcus “The Bont” Bontempelli

The Bont… Champion Data’s love child is showing us all exactly why he could and should finish in the top 8 midfielders this season. Averaging 131 with a break-even of just 82 he keeps standing up when it matters, a true 4th quarter specialist and future Brownlow medallist.

Oliver “Quadriceps” Wines

I have to admit it community, a triple take was needed when I was putting these stats together for this bloke. Many were predicting breakout last year but they may have missed it by one. Wines has exploded this year averaging 130 in the opening 3 games including a 122 in Port’s first loss for the season in last week’s derby.

Have a very close look, he may not feature in the top 8 mids for the season but depending on what you’re aiming for he faces Adelaide, Collingwood and the Bulldogs in the SuperCoach league finals and could just be a valuable point of difference.


Position Name Price BE Games Average Last Round Ownership
Ruck Stefan Martin $   516,800 50 3 116.3 125 7%
Ruck Brodie Grundy $   528,800 68 3 107.3 105 10%


Over 30% of coaches are facing a massive trade dilemma this week with the unfortunate demise of everyone’s favourite bearded ruckman.

Stefan Martin

Burnt many last year, but with the likes of Beams, Rockliff and Zorko the Lions midfield is starting to give opposition coaches a bit of a headache, add to the mix a versatile ruckman who is as good with his tap work as he is around the ground.

Martin looks to be one of the more solid Ruck options this year.

Brodie Grundy

Grundy has been steadily increasing his average year on year since his debut and doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. Like Martin, Grundy doesn’t rely solely on his tap work to get the job done. Often his second and third attempts lead to him clearing the ball from the centre himself. Needless to say this is great for his scoring potential, I predict a few big 130 games from Brodie to truly cement him as a must have option this year.


Position Name Price BE Games Average Last Round Ownership
Fwd Nick Riewoldt $   549,500 54 2 133 161 5%
Fwd Lance Franklin $   515,500 124 3 100.7 74 28%
Fwd Toby Greene $   498,800 61 3 100.7 92 18%


What’s looking to be the most inconsistent line for coaches to deal with this year. In seasons past we’ve had a plethora of Mid/Fwd DPP premiums to choose from but CD have left us severely lacking this time around.

Nick Riewoldt

Makes this list not of the fact he scored 161 points last round, but more due to his miraculous recovery his price hasn’t changed yet and left him with a very healthy break-even of 54. This could be the last time for a while we see Rooey in the $500’s. A very handy replacement for Gawn if you have the likes of Nank to push into the rucks to replace him. If form is anything to note he will cause Collingwood headaches this week. Geelong and Hawthorn to follow could provide some decent scoring opportunities for him.

Lance “Buddy” Franklin

What a star to watch, had a quieter outing against Collingwood in his 250th on the weekend but don’t let that deter you community. Big Bud is averaging 100 in 3 losses, when they finally get a win – expect him to make up for lost time! I predict the legend to bounce back against West Coast this week. No complaints at bringing him in at $515k, that BE of 124 is very achievable by Buddy’s standards!

Toby Greene

The rollercoaster is back for season 2017 and hasn’t it been just that? A low score of 72 in round one followed by 138 in round 2 is what we’ve come to expect from young Toby. If he averages between 95-100 from here on, Toby owners will be happy. I expect a top 6 forward spot by years end however with Port, Sydney and Bulldogs to come in his next 3, maybe waiting a few weeks could be the way to go.


That’s it from Shuey for this week community, hope you liked it. Don’t forget to leave a comment with any feedback.


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