Round 1 Midpricer Recap


Nankervis got the midpricers off to an absolute blinder on Thursday night, with a massive career-high 114. It continued throughout the weekend with the likes of Steele and Sandilands, but there were some players that didn’t perform as expected.

Let’s break down some of the popular midprice options, as well as some less popular players who have shown the potential to score well.


Jarryd Roughead – 367k | FWD – Score: 73

First and foremost, how good is it to see Roughy back on the footy field? He didn’t produce as high as some of us may have expected, but in his first game we really do have to give him another week to show us what he can do. If Roughy does have a sub par score (under 75 for example), making a corrective trade is something coaches without Nankervis or Steele (pending their results) may need to consider after round 2.

To be clear, you should not be moving on from Roughead or any other midpricers this week unless they have a long-term injury. Lets give him the chance to get back into the next game with some match fitness.

Toby Nankervis – 366k | RUC/FWD – Score: 114

A career-high 114 didn’t disappoint the 38% of coaches that have Nank the tank in their squad. According to FantasyFreako, Nankervis had a hitout-to-advantage rate of 48%. To put that in perspective, Gawn went at 34% last year.

Can we see Toby back up his career performance against Brodie Grundy and Collingwood on Friday night? Will the Collingwood midfield snatch away some of his taps or was Carlton doing as good as any other team would? One thing is for sure; if Nank continues this vein of form, we undoubtedly have to have him in our squad.

Jaeger O’Meara – 318k | MID – Score: 71

O’Meara is back in the thick of things with his new club in Hawthorn. We can definitely forgive Jaeger for having a lower scoring first game after missing the last two seasons through injury. One of the best things about this score is that 57% of the SuperCoach community also felt it. We are all riding the highs and lows together, if you choose to jump off right now you may miss out on the highs that could follow. According to @FantasyFreako – Jaegar won 11 pre-clearance disposals, the equal 6th most of any player for the round. We were let down by his efficiency (69%) and 4 clangers, so lets give him time to get back into rhythm and hope he stays healthy.

Aaron Sandilands – 308k | RUC – Score: 107

Sandilands is another highly selected player that didn’t disappoint. He left 51% of coaches extremely happy with their selection as they went to sleep on Sunday evening. We have to just sit back, relax and enjoy the Sanditrain. The new third man up rule has really benefited the big man, as he is arguably the best tap ruckman in the league. He had 20 hitouts-to-advantage against the Cats, and at five points a pop we can see where the majority of his points came from. Based on previous seasons its highly likely that Sandilands gets injured at some point, so Nankervis in the FWD line or even Witts at R3 would be great coverage if the worst case scenario occurs.

Jack Steele – 347k | MID/FWD – Score: 113

Holy moly, Jack. Saturday’s loss against Melbourne set a new career-high in SuperCoach for the man of Steele, who racked up 23 touches, 7 marks, 4 tackles and ran at 78% disposal efficiency. The best part of Steele’s game is his contested ball winning. 12 of his 25 touches were contested and SuperCoach scoring rewards players who win the ball for their team. Steele has thrown a spanner in the works for the 68% of teams that don’t own him. If he has another great showing we really will need to consider how to get him in. His breakeven is already sitting at -35 and with another decent game and his price is going to skyrocket at the completion of round 3. Keep a very keen eye on this future superstar.

Zak Jones – 307k | DEF – Score: 95
Jones almost whacked a ton while playing primarily on the wing and really did play a fantastic game. He is someone who could be obtaining more midfield time due to the absence of Isaac Heeney, and now with the injury of Dane Rampe who is out for 8 weeks, Jones could see himself stuck back in defense. Monitor him for another week to see if his role remains the same or shifts. If it does remain the same add him to your Watchlist and if needed you could find a way to get him in for an underperformer.

Callum Mills – 420k | DEF – Score: 78

14 kicks and 4 handballs at 94% efficiency, 6 contested possessions, 4 marks, 2 tackles and 6 intercept possessions. Mills played a fantastic game and picked up most of his touches on the wing, which shows that he was in and around the action enough. His scoring was let down by the fact that he did have a few clangers and if that could change he would’ve had quite a nice score. Lets keep an eye out to see if his role is impacted by the loss of Dane Rampe.

Clayton Oliver – 382k | MID – Score: 109

Oliver is a bull in the Dees midfield and will be a huge part of our SuperCoach teams for years to come. He had 36 touches (9 kicks, 27 handballs at 88% efficiency) in his first hit out of the year. He is a handball dominant player but as long as the handballs are staying efficient he will continue to score well. If Oliver was able to hit the scoreboard on a consistent basis we could be looking at a future SuperCoach superstar. He is only 19 so the ceiling is incredibly high with this bloke.

Touk Miller – 428k | MID/FWD – Score: 117

ToukTouk finished last season like a house on fire, averaging 114 over the last 3 rounds. He didn’t stray far from that average on Saturday night in the Suns loss to the Lions. 27 disposals were made up of 12 kicks and 15 handballs, but most importantly 17 of those disposals were contested. He also had 5 tackles, 5 marks and 1.2 goals. The fact that he could’ve improved on this score shows great signs as he only ran at 59% efficiency. We will need to see how he scores with Swallow in the midfield because we didn’t get to see on Saturday night.


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