Pistol’s Rookie Review!


Rookies are arguably the most important part of SuperCoach. Nailing them will save you trades, make you money and rise you up the ranks. Pistol is here to write a no frills rookie round up, so you can go bang bang and slot decent rookies for your specific structure, straight into your side.


Curtly Hampton – Crows – 160k

He’s best 22, scored 108, 66 and 90 in the 3 JLT matches. Lock him in, just do it.

Tom Stewart – Geelong – 117k

Mature age defender who scored 85, 57 and 45 across the JLT. At this stage he appears to be best 22, however he still has to play well to hold his spot. I’m expecting him to be named round 1 for the Cats.

Ed Vickers-Willis – North Melbourne – 123.9k

EVW had a solid JLT series, scoring 88,80 and 28 for his 3 matches. Obviously he has shown he can put out great scores for a defender, so if he is named round 1, he should make you a decent amount of money.

Andy Otten – Adelaide – 123.9k

A blast from the past, Otten played extremely well across all 3 JLT matches, scoring 98, 80 and 78 in the process. There is job security issues, with his spot in the side heavily contested. I expect him to play round 1, with his position in the side entirely up to his weekly performances. His scoring potential makes him a valuable asset, so he’s locked into my side.

Mitchell Hibberd – North Melbourne – 123.9k – DEF/MID

Mitchell played in all 3 of the JLT matches and showed questionable scoring potential. Coupled with being a fringe 22 player, it makes it hard to pick him in the backline. However, he does have DPP, so using him at M11 as a link with your backline is not the worst idea. Handcuffing him to EVW, where it is possible that if EVW is dropped, Hibberd can come in, is also a strategy that must be considered.

Caleb Marchbank – Carlton – 236.1k

Marchbank has what most other back rookies do not – job security. However, it does come at a cost. With a price of more than 100k over other 123k rookies, selecting Marchbank could cost you in other areas. He did manage to put up very solid scores of 76, 86 and 85 across his 3 JLT matches, so he must be heavily considered, even at an inflated price.

Andy McGrath – Essendon – 211.8k – DEF/MID

I’ve been copping some pretty foul feedback when suggesting that McGrath maybe isn’t the best option for your SuperCoach squads. But hear me out! With scores of 35, 54 and 24 in the JLT, going at 49 per 80% time on ground, McGrath just doesn’t have the scoring potential to justify his higher rookie price. If he averages 50 points until round 10, he will make you just 32k. That isn’t a sign of good cash cow, so for me, he’s out!

Matt Scharenberg and Lachlan Keefe – Collingwood – 164-166k

Both these guys didn’t really show much during the JLT. I expect that they won’t be named round 1 unless injuries occur. Scharenberg would be my pick if I had to choose just one, but the poor job security mixed with poor scoring potential is not a great combo.

Joel Smith – Melbourne – 117k

With scores of 73 and 55 in the JLT, coupled with Garland going down with an ACL yesterday, Smith has popped back on my radar. I’d be happy with his scores if he plays – however he bodes as a risky pick given he could be dropped in round 2 when Michael Hibberd returns from injury. This is a pick for the risk takers amongst us!

Griffin Logue & Luke Ryan – I do not expect these players to be named round 1 so have left them off the list.

Notable mentions to Ben Long (FWD/DPP, 117k), whom I expect to play in round 3, after his suspension ends, as well as Jackson Thurlow, who albeit being a bit pricey, seems to have better job security and scoring potential.  Zac Guthrie (102k) had the best points per 80% time on ground from all rookies but he is yet to be elevated for the Cats (although I expect this to happen at some stage soon). He would certainly be relying on good performances to keep him in the Geelong side.


Sam Powell-Pepper – Port – 135k

Pick this bloke. He can play, he can score and best of all, he is best 22.

Jake Barrett – Brisbane – 127k

The bloke averages 28 touches in the NEAFL and was traded from GWS to Brisbane for more opportunity. He finds himself on the rookie list but I expect him to be promoted prior to round 1. Playing as a HFF in the Brisbane side, his scoring will fluctuate greatly but with job security seemingly on his side, he’s a great pick for your round 1 side.

Harrison Wigg – Adelaide – 123k

Scoring a 70 and a 26 (albeit from limited game time), Wigg is an interesting prospect leading into round 1. With Scott Thompson and Brad Crouch set to miss the opener, as well as Rory Sloane having some doubt, Wigg could find his way into the Adelaide squad. He may be one of the better bench options we get in the midfield, but pick him at your own risk as he could get dropped at any stage.

Declan Mountford – North – 123k

Playing as a tagger during the JLT series, Mountford scored a 76 and a 43 in his 2 matches. As with most of these rookies, his job security is incredibly questionable but he’s one to watch to see if he is named round 1.

Notable mentions to Robbie Fox (102k), George Horlin-Smith (234k), Jordan Foote (181k) and Will Brodie (175k), all of whom I don’t expect to line up for round 1. Pick these guys at your own risk as all are fringe best 22 players.


Luke Strnadica – Fremantle – 102k – RUC/FWD

The best loophole option, having a whopping 16 late matches (Saturday night/Sunday) during the season.

Darcy Cameron – Swans – 117k – RUC/FWD

Playing forward for the Swans in a Sinclair type role during the JLT, Cameron may get some early games. However, Sinclair has recovered from injury and Naismith is also a constant threat.

Braydon Preuss – North Melbourne – 123k

Fighting with Majak for a role as a forward who can also provide Goldstein with some ruck relief, Preuss scored quite well in the JLT. With scores of 70, 95 and 45, Preuss could be a good cash cow option for your ruck bench, especially if you have selected Goldstein as one of your premium options as well. This is due to Preuss probably stepping in if Goldstein were to cop an injury, which could potentially save you a trade.

Jarrod Witts – Gold Coast – 217k

Scoring a 41 and an 85 in his 2 JLT matches, Witts left something to be desired.  However, playing as a lone ruck will always mean that you’re around the contest, so your scoring potential is always quite high. If Witts spuds it up, Currie or Nicholls will be ready to step in, but given that Witts will be handed first chance, he’s decent Sandi cover or possibly a brave mans R2.

Notable mentions to Nathan Vardy (265k) and Tim English (130k), who you would have to be incredibly brave to select given the massive unknowns regarding both of them.


Tim Taranto – GWS – 207k – FWD/MID

He’s a gun. Taranto scored 93, 97 and 76 in his 3 JLT performances. With Coniglio out for 6 and Whitfield suspended for 8 weeks, Taranto should be given a chance to play in round 1. The scoring potential is high but given GWS’ stacked list, there is always a possibility to get dropped after a few poor performances. His inflated starting price should definitely be taken into consideration, especially with cheaper forwards definitely being named.

Will Hoskin-Elliott – Collingwood -211k

WHE played predominantly as a HFF throughout the JLT with small stints on the wing. Scoring an 83, 64 and an 80, WHE appears to be a solid option for our teams. Unfortunately he is also almost over 100k more than other forward rookies, making it a tough decision between him and Taranto if you’re forced to select one. WHE does have job security on his side though.

Cameron McCarthy – Fremantle – 203k

The forward rookie with the best job security around comes with some scoring potential risks. Long story short, McCarthy comes in at around 80k more than other rookies and I am not certain he can score high enough to be a good cash cow. Unless he starts kicking bags of goals of course.

Kayne Turner – North Melbourne – 171k

Turner should be named round 1 and will have to consistently play his role each week to stay in the side. Scoring above 60 in all 3 JLT matches is a good sign for a cash cow, but job security is a little bit of an issue.

Jack Bowes – Gold Coast – 171k FWD/MID

Many were pumped up about Bowes pre-JLT (myself included). However, after poor performances consisting of scores of 35 and 39, Bowes has been sent packing from my squad. I expect him to play round 1 but at an inflated rookie price with low scoring potential, there may be better options out there.

Oliver Florent – Swans – 167k – FWD/MID

With Papley and Rohan sidelined, Florent is likely to have made his way into the Swans round 1 squad. Scoring a 46, 57 and 59 across the JLT may look pretty average, however when converting these scores to an 80% time on ground comparison, Florent comes in at a decent 66 point average. Florent is definitely someone that you should consider, however his inflated price is still a cause for concern.

Brett Eddy – Port Adelaide – 102k

Eddy is just 102k with great job security, so pick him. He may not score much but at a bargain basement price, he doesn’t have to, to make you quick cash.

Dan Butler – Richmond – 123k

Butler has been confirmed to be playing in round 1. Playing as a small defensive forward is not quite what you want from your cash cows but at least he’s named in the side. Butler has a low scoring potential and comes at a considerable risk, due to his place in the Richmond side being under constant threat. I would not be surprised to see Butler dropped after 1 week, but that’s the risk you take with cheaper rookies. Pick with caution.

Dan Houston – Port Adelaide – 117k

Houston played across half back flank for Port during the JLT series, using the ball well and scoring 60, 81 and 39. With Pittard being ruled out with a hamstring injury, Houston will be competing with Riley Bonner for that round 1 berth. Even if Houston is named, Pittard is coming back shortly and so he is at a high risk of being dropped before prices change and before he’s made you any money. Another to select with caution.

Brandan Parfitt – Geelong – 117k – FWD/MID

Parfitt looked composed and scored a 53 and a 60 in his 2 JLT hitouts. I expect him to be given a chance early in the season, however his job security is very low given Geelong’s depth. He will need to play well to hold his spot in the Geelong side.

Teia Miles – Hawthorn – 123k – FWD/MID

Miles played all 3 JLT matches for Hawthorn, scoring 58, 46 and 55 in the process. Playing off the half back flank, I expect Miles to be named in round 1 due to the suspension of Luke Hodge. All it takes is one bad game and Miles is out of the strong Hawthorn outfit and so he comes with a ‘buyers beware’ warning.

Jarrod Pickett – Carlton – 123k FWD/MID

The ex-GWS player scored 26 and 86 in his 2 JLT matches, showing silky smooth skills along with a smart footy brain. Pickett seems to be a lock for Carltons best side, however, typically small forwards who don’t get much of the ball become very slow burning cash cows. I wouldn’t feel comfortably starting Pickett on the field, but he does make for a good M11 option, creating a DPP link in the midfield.

Ben Ainsworth – Gold Coast – 198k FWD/MID

Ainsworth should make his debut in round 1 for Gold Coast. That’s where the good news ends. With scores of just 23, 72 and 29, as well as being priced 70k higher than most other forwards rookies, Ainsworth just isn’t going to make you much money as a cash cow. There are better options around.

Notable mentions include Billie Smedts (217k, FWD/MID), James Stewart (170K), Sam Durdin (123k), Jy Simpkin (167k), all of whom have low scoring potential with varying degrees of job security.

Troy Menzel (183k) and Matt Kennedy (235k) have good scoring potential, however their poor job security makes them very risky selections.


Good luck with the season ahead Community!



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