Pistol’s Rookie Review 2019


Welcome back to season 2019. For those that don’t know how this rookie report works, each year I cut the crap and tell you what you want to know. 10 minutes for all rookies. Yes or no. Here we go!

Please note that SP = Scoring Potential and JS = Job Security. For the sake of this article, all relevant players below the cost of Sam Walsh ($207,300) will be reviewed and referred to as rookies.


Sam Collins – $188,900

He will play every week for Gold Coast as a key tall. Scores will fluctuate but a safe selection.

Jack Scrimshaw – $149,800

Should get given the green light for Round 1. As long as he plays well, he will hold his spot. Scoring potential a bit of an unknown at this point, but looks to be a good pick.

Jordan Clark – $144,300

Almost certain to play in Round 1, Clark will need to hold out some cats defenders to maintain his position in the side. He’s talented enough to do so. Good SP, lock him in.

Xavier Duursma – $130,800

Questionable JS but good SP. Plays on a wing with elite speed. If he’s good, he gets more games, you know the drill.

Ben McKay – $123,900

May play Round 1 but Scott Thompson will be back Round 2. Low SP and JS. Do not pick him.

Christopher Burgess – $123,900

Key tall forward for GC, should play often but scoring well relies on goals. For Gold Coast. Gross. DPP is handy, worth a spot on the bench if combining with Darcy Moore.

Marty Hore – $117,300

Should play Round 1 in the Lever role and if he plays well, you guessed it, he will hold his spot. A bad game will result in him losing his spot. SP is average, JS is too.

Others; Francis Watson, Darragh Joyce, Justin McInerny, Jonathon Marsh, Conor Rozee, Harry Jones all with too poor JS  or SP to write more about.

Pistol’s Defender Rookie top 5;

  1. Jordan Clark
  2. Sam Collins
  3. Jack Scrimshaw
  4. Xavier Duursma
  5. Marty Hore



Sam Walsh – $207,300

JS and SP are elite. Pick him, no excuses.

Chayce Jones – $171,300

High priced rookies need to score better than cheaper ones. He doesn’t. Pass.

Zak Butters – $157,800

High IQ footballer and knows how to score points. Scored well in the JLT and JS should be decent. Pick him if you can afford it.

Jackson Hately – $148,800

With Ward out early, Hately should get a start. Up to him to hold his spot, but the SP is certainly there. Consider.

Charlie Constable – $123,900

He’s been waiting a long time to play and will most likely get his chance in Round 1. Great SP and JS seems to be ok too. Pick him.

Bailey Scott – $117,300

Scored extremely well in the JLT. Most likely jumped into the Roos Round 1 team and now just has to hold his spot. It is rare for a rookie to have this kind of scoring power, so whilst his JS may be shaky, he still looms as a great pick.

Nick Hind – $117,300

Scored terribly in the JLT. Probably gets games but will he make money? Only pick him if desperate.

Brett Bewley – $117,300

Didn’t get enough game time in the JLT to appear a chance for Round 1. If he is named, he is definitely worth looking more closely at given his high SP. Wait and see.

Tom Atkins – $112,900

Should have done enough in the JLT to earn a spot in Round 1. Plays well and will hold his spot, SP is average but he is cheap enough to make good cash. Pick him.

Michael Gibbons – $102,400

Played forward pocket for Blues. Screams disaster. Fortunately he is cheap enough to make quick cash but the SP is very average. Only pick if needed.

Others; Luke Davies-Uniacke, Jye Caldwell, Jack Ross, Will Golds all too poor JS or SP to write about.

Pistol’s Midfield Rookie top 6;

  1. Sam Walsh
  2. Charlie Constable
  3. Zak Butters
  4. Bailey Scott
  5. Jackson Hately
  6. Tom Atkins


Archie Smith – $172,300

Injured in the final JLT match after showing great signs all pre-season, Smith is not likely to hold out Stef Martin all season long. JS poor, SP good. Stay Away.

Zac Clarke – $142,600

With Daniher out early, some expect Clarke to play. His JS remains poor and he may not make enough money before being dropped. Consider.

Matthew Flynn – $123,900

May play for the first two weeks given Mumford’s suspension. Then he’s out. Poor JS and SP. Pass.

Darcy Fort – $117,300

Scored terribly in JLT and won’t play early. Pass.

Pistol’s Ruck Rookie top 3;

  1. Patrick Bines – DPP
  2. Jordan Sweet – Most loopholing capability
  3. Zac Clarke


Will Setterfield – $144,900

Good JS and SP, has to be picked, no excuses.

Willem Drew – $123,900

Earns a debut with a great pre-season. SP is great for a forward rookie but needs to play well to hold onto his spot as usual. Tick.

Matthew Parker – $117,300

JS is good, SP is average. Worth a bench spot at least.

Christopher Burgess – $123,900

This guy again? Well yeah, he has DPP. Same as before, consider if you’re going with the Darcy Moore route, otherwise feel free to pass.

Jack Petrucelle – $123,900

He averaged 21 last season. Has improved his tank and scored an 87 in the JLT. This time he is ready for AFL action. Can he hold his spot in the Eagles side? Probably worth a bench spot.

Noah Balta – $123,900

SP is decent but JS is a week-by-week proposition. Fighting with Petrucelle for most players bench spot. I’m leaning towards pass.

Others; Jack Lukosius, Nick Blakey, Dylan Moore, Mitch Lewis all have very poor SP. Izak Rankine is injured. Jarrod Brander may find his way into Eagles side.

Pistol’s Forward Rookie top 6;

  1. Will Setterfield
  2. Willem Drew
  3. Cry a little
  4. Matthew Parker
  5. Jack Petrucelle
  6. Noah Balta

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