Judge Jesse!


This week, Doctor SuperCoach brings you the Judge’s verdict on two premium players as chosen by our community! They are Collingwood’s Scott Pendlebury and Adam Treloar.

Scott Pendlebury

Age: 29

Price: $645,700

Position: Midfield

2016 average: 118.7

The elite Collingwood midfielder had a slow start to his 2016 campaign. The SuperCoach community was calling for Nathan Buckley’s blood for playing Pendlebury out of position; however, it was revealed later in the season that he was nursing an injury. In 2016, the Collingwood superstar only fell below 100 points 4 times, and scored over 115+ a staggering 11 times. That’s the kind of consistency you get with him – they don’t call him Dependlebury for nothing. Scott averages just fewer than 6 tackles per game. That’s 24 points a game JUST from tackles. He also gathers an average of 28 disposals per game. In short – he is the pure definition of a Fantasy pig! Pendles sent shivers down our spines when he was withdrawn from the Collingwood squad in JLT 3 after having a minor achilles injury. This put question marks as to whether his body would hold out for the season. Or so we thought before he came out and feasted upon 146 SuperCoach points in a losing round 1 side. The downside to Pendlebury is that massive price tag that comes with him; in fact he is the 2nd most expensive player this season, just behind Geelong’s Patrick Dangerfield.

Adam Treloar

Age: 24

Price: $605,400

Position: Midfield

2016 average: 111.27

The Pies obtained Treloar from the Giants in spectacular fashion in 2015 – the Pies gave up two first round picks for him, which goes to show how highly he is rated over at Collingwood. Treloar was named on the ball in the first game of his 2017 season, another indicator of how much he impresses the coaches at Collingwood. Treloar scored 115+ on 10 separate occasions in 2016 including an absolutely ridiculous 169 against Brisbane in round 8. Treloar fell below the 100 mark only five times in 2016, and averaged just over 29 disposals per game – that’s one more disposal than Pendlebury averaged. Not only that, he hit the scoreboard with goals on 10 occasions as well. He was a little underwhelming in with his first round score; however, he still managed 1 goal, 33 disposals and 3 tackles. Don’t worry – he will score better than he did in round one. At 24 years old, Treloar is just hitting his prime and you could do a hell of a lot worse than him. Like all premium midfielders of his caliber, Treloar just screams reliability. You know what you’re going to get with him. Many people believe Treloar will take his game to another level this year, and some experts have even touted him to pass Pendlebury.

The Judgement

Geez, talk about difficult choices, community! It’s like having to figure out who your favorite child is. Both of these players have a huge claim to take a midfield spot in your team this season. They could both be top 10 midfielders by the end of season. It’s honestly just splitting hairs but that’s what we do – we help you make the really tough choices! Let me say first off, if you’re considering getting rid of Treloar for Pendlebury after his “low” score on the weekend then DON’T! I don’t care if you have to chop your hands off to keep your fingers off the trade button. No sideways premium trading! If however you are flouting authority and making a trade anyway then look no further than these two. Both will have massive years and both are absolute Supercoach beasts. If I was making a trade this week and was only able to bring one of these guys in it would be Pendlebury – as long as I had the spare cash, although there is really not a lot separating the two.

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