LaHug’s Captains 2019 – Round 8


After a lot of down scores across the board last week, the numbers are pointing to a lot of high ones this week. With potential outs in Danger, Whitfield, etc. it might be tough to find a late week C so the game plan will likely be double Saturday or waiting until the last game for Captain Fyfe.

VC Options – Round 8

Josh P. Kennedy

Last 3: 118, 115, 110 (114 avg)

Last 3 against Essendon: 74, 132, 127 (111 avg)

Last 3 at SCG: 115, 95, 136 (115 avg)

JPK is still a unique premium this year despite averaging 112 and could get you a leg up on opponents if you’ve got him. Only one score above 120 for the year makes him a less appealing VC option than some others but I’d back him to score above his average against the Bombers. Prediction – 115

Marcus Bontempelli

Last 3: 146, 95, 104 (115 avg)

Last 3 against Brisbane: 132, 127, 88 (116 avg)

Last 3 at Ballarat: 98, 45 (72 avg)

Anyone follow my POD pick and lock in the Bont last week? I had the displeasure of watching him tear my team apart in person and he looked very good. Loves playing the Lions too so watch out. Ballarat’s a tricky one where the weather can be a real factor but VC is lower risk. Prediction – 130

Jack Macrae

Last 3: 107, 85, 97 (96 avg)

Last 3 against Brisbane: 156, 162, 121 (146 avg)

Last 3 at Ballarat: 147, 189, 145 (160 avg)

Speaking of Ballarat, Macrae LOVES is here. Also speaking of loving playing the Lions, Macrae REALLY loves playing the Lions. My only concern with the once super premium is he looks human this year… Against a Tigers team that was clearly out of gas, he only managed 107 – and that was his best score in the last three. If you already have, I’d put the VC on him for the chance of a huge leg up. I wouldn’t be bringing him into my team any time soon though. Prediction – 130

Lachie Neale

Last 3: 108, 142, 91 (114 avg)

Last 3 against Bulldogs: 84, 119, 109 (104 avg)

Last 3 at Ballarat: N/A

Neale has never played at Ballarat and I’m not sure I’d be overly confident on picking a VC there without compelling numbers (like the two Dogs above). He’s been great this year though so you could do a lot worse. Prediction – 110

Patrick Cripps

Last 3: 123, 93, 110 (109 avg)

Last 3 against Collingwood: 187, 92, 101 (127 avg)

Last 3 at MCG: 126, 108, 187 (140 avg)

Cripps will likely be a popular VC with his great record at the MCG, including when he last played the Pies. Greenwood is my concern here but he hasn’t exactly been tagging much this season. Prediction – 125

Brodie Grundy

Last 3: 108, 134, 100 (114 avg)

Last 3 against Carlton: 113, 154, 58 (108 avg)

Last 3 at MCG: 134, 160, 132 (142 avg)

Grundy loves it at the MCG and is a great VC option too (pity he and Cripps are in the same game). He’ll either come up against an out-of-touch Kreuzer or Andrew Phillips so I like his chances of a big game. Probably the only thing stopping me going Cripps VC is Grundy at the G. Prediction – 130

Captain Options – Round 8

Max Gawn

Last 3: 127, 145, 126 (133 avg)

Last 3 against Gold Coast: 112, 148, 108 (123 avg)

Last 3 at Metricon: 174 (174 avg)

You’ll have to be quick to do it but Grundy into Gawn is very much on the cards this week. His one game at Metricon was back in 2016 but it showed you what Max’s ceiling is. I don’t think it’s fair to compare Daniel Currie to Jarrod Witts so it won’t be that big a score but Gawn’s recent form says it still could be close. Prediction – 135

Travis Boak

Last 3: 102, 129, 95 (109 avg)

Last 3 against Adelaide: 87, 85, 86 (86 avg)

Last 3 at AO: 129, 134, 123 (129 avg)

Slim pickings between Max and Fyfe but Boak is one to look at. Adelaide probably won’t tag and Boak’s been incredible at home this year. No reason he won’t carry his good form this year into a big score and a Showdown Medal. Prediction – 120

Rory Sloane

Last 3: 111, 78, 104 (98 avg)

Last 3 against Port: 111, 151, 168 (143 avg)

Last 3 at AO: 111, 104, 107 (107 avg)

Sloane’s killed it in past Showdown’s and is clearly the pick of the Adelaide boys this week (besides, the Crouch brothers get no love from CD and I’m definitely not bitter about that or anything…). I’m not sure his recent scoring is worth risking the C on but I think Sloane will be a good unique pick. Prediction – 120

Nat Fyfe

Last 3: 124, 128, 110 (121 avg)

Last 3 against Richmond: 142, 142, 99 (128 avg)

Last 3 at Perth: 128, 63, 147 (113 avg)

Before you ask where all the other players are: Danger is either going to miss or be hobbled, Coniglio has a poor record against the Hawks and will likely get extra attention with Kelly and Whitfield both doubtful, Cunnington would be a good option if CD gave him consistent love for his contested work, and I don’t trust any Eagles players to be consistent right now. That leaves us with Fyfe as the last good C option. He’s killed the Tigers twice in a row (with one of those games playing mid, forward, and ruck). He’ll score big because that’s just what he does. Prediction – 140

LaHug’s POD

Scott Pendlebury

Last 3: 127, 138, 103 (123 avg)

Last 3 against Carlton: 136, 113, 91 (113 avg)

Last 3 at MCG: 138, 74, 72 (95 avg)

Dependlebury is well and truly back. I can’t see any reason he won’t continue his recent form and his record against the Blues says he’s a great pick. The best bit is that he’s only owned by 4% of the comp. He’s scored 161 against the Blues before and he’s capable of going big again here. Potential – 140

LaHug’s Picks

Top 3 VCs

  1. Brodie Grundy
  2. Marcus Bontempelli
  3. Patrick Cripps

Top 3 Cs

  1. Nat Fyfe
  2. Max Gawn
  3. Travis Boak

Will Huggett

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