LaHug’s Captains 2018 – Round 5



Ben Jacobs, Bailey Banfield, Scott Selwood, Harry Cunningham, Brad Ebert, Tom Rockliff, Nathan Jones. 7 different players tagged opponents last weekend. You can kinda count Steele Sidebottom too to make it 8. But, basically, it’s not a good time to be a taggable midfielder.

Your biggest threats seem to be the first three guys as they’re likely to tag every week. I’d assume at least one tag if you’re playing Port too. I’ll take this into account in my analysis but, basically, if you’re stuck on a 50/50 decision, choose the guy not matched up against a tagger!

The other question to ask yourself is “will my premo get tagged?”. I like to look at three points:

  1. Is my premo taggable? Dusty, for example, is too strong and too dominant up forward to be taggable. Whitfield is an outside runner and easily shut down with attention.
  2. Is there someone in my premo’s team more likely to be tagged? Jack Macrae didn’t get tagged last week because Lachie Hunter is more of an outside player that’s easier to tag. Now Hunter is suspended so Macrae is much more likely to get attention.
  3. Did my premo get tagged last time these teams played? Tom Mitchell was shown to be taggable just last week but Collingwood will happily let him rack up 50+ disposals whenever they play each other.

VC Options – Round 5

If you, like me, are relying on Olango to loophole, you only have two games to choose from this week. I’d also wager that Fritsch is a chance to be dropped this week but you’re unlikely to find out early enough with the Dees not required to name final teams until Sunday. A lot will come down to teams but here’s the best out of the first two games…

Lance Franklin

Last 3: 98, 106, 87 (97 avg)

Last 3 against Adelaide: 98, 94, 101 (98 avg)

Last 3 at SCG: 106, 87, 90 (94 avg)

None of the numbers here scream out at me but his ceiling is something we have to consider when short on options. Buddy started the year with a 175 so why not loophole him? Prediction – 100

Rory Sloane

Last 3: 59, 78, 141 (93 avg)

Last 3 against Sydney: 140, 114, 137 (130 avg)

Last 3 at SCG: 114, 75, 125 (105 avg)

If you have him (why…?), this is a week to look at him. Sydney have let him run free the last three weeks and, although Cunningham’s a risk, I like to think Sydney’s keen on the challenge of taking him head-to-head again. Prediction – 130

Rory Laird

Last 3: 129, 105, 120 (118 avg)

Last 3 against Sydney: 124, 95, 63 (94 avg)

Last 3 at SCG: 63 (63 avg)

Laird is the safe VC choice if you want to lock in a 120 early and leave it at that. Started the year with a 137 and you’d have to take that if he got it again. Prediction – 120

Stephen Coniglio

Last 3: 116, 124, 120 (120 avg)

Last 3 against St Kilda: 101, 127, 113 (114 avg)

Last 3 at Etihad: 91, 101, 62 (85 avg)

Cogs is my pick of the bunch if you’re picking someone in the first two games. Basically, I can see this getting very ugly for St Kilda and Cogs is the perfect player to have 35 and 2 goals. Prediction – 130

Captain Options – Round 5

Robbie Gray

Last 3: 145, 103, 111 (120 avg)

Last 3 against Geelong: 104, 53, 95 (84 avg)

Last 3 at AO: 103, 112, 76 (97 avg)

Robbie is playing in the midfield again this year and hasn’t dropped below 100 yet. I’m concerned that Scooter will tag him though as he’s more damaging than Wines. Because of that, I can’t recommend him this week. Prediction – 75

Patrick Dangerfield

Last 3: 103, 100, 130 (111 avg)

Last 3 against Port: 163, 137, 121 (140 avg)

Last 3 at AO: 119, 142, 126 (129 avg)

While Danger’s last two weeks concern me, his Port history is amazing. If you have him and anyone later in the weekend is out, you have to loophole him! I’m not confident putting the C on him though. Prediction – 135

Nat Fyfe

Last 3: 101, 160, 120 (127 avg)

Last 3 against Bulldogs: 113, 61, 146 (107 avg)

Last 3 at Perth: 160, 120 (140 avg)

Fyfe let me down big time last week and I regret not picking Dusty. That said, he’s back at home this week and my gut tells me he’ll turn it around. Dogs aren’t likely to have the tagging power to stop him either, with Libba and Hunter both previously used in that role but out this week. Prediction – 130

Tom Mitchell

Last 3: 90, 149, 148 (129 avg)

Last 3 against North: 106, 109, 178 (131 avg)

Last 3 at Etihad: 111, 161, 71 (114 avg)

Last time these teams matched up, Mitchell was tagged by Dumont and held to 106. This week, I’m certain he’ll get Jacobs and that worries me. I think he’ll bounce back to a ton but the high scores won’t be there this week. Prediction – 100

Max Gawn

Last 3: 112, 117, 97 (109 avg)

Last 3 against Richmond: 160, 72, 18 (83 avg)

Last 3 at MCG: 112, 117, 139 (123 avg)

Big Max smashed the Tigers in their last matchup. That was 2016 and against Maric but I think he just genuinely likes the matchup. I can see him getting a big score this week and could be a great POD. Prediction – 120

Dustin Martin

Last 3: 141, 93, 160 (131 avg)

Last 3 against Melbourne: 92, 79, 87 (86 avg)

Last 3 at MCG: 141, 93, 160 (131 avg)

Doubt Dusty at your own peril (it cost me a top 100 rank last week). He’s got a poor history against the Dees but he’s been so good for most of this year and most of last. Without a real threat of a tag (I think Jones goes to Cotchin if anyone), and against a Melbourne team that’s likely to have quite a few new faces this week, Dusty might just back up his 6 goals. Prediction – 135

Steele Sidebottom

Last 3: 138, 134, 91 (121 avg)

Last 3 against Essendon: 106, 81, 166 (118 avg)

Last 3 at MCG: 134, 91, 91 (105 avg)

Two great scores in a row for Steele and now he plays on ANZAC Day, a day that he’s gone huge on before. Those that have him, expect to be greatly rewarded. Prediction – 130

Brodie Grundy

Last 3: 141, 154, 139 (145 avg)

Last 3 against Essendon: 80, 71, 54 (68 avg)

Last 3 at MCG: 154, 139, 95 (129 avg)

Grundy’s form is ridiculous right now but, for some reason, he is very poor against the Bombers. I’ve gotta back form at this rate and he might just be the best SC player in the comp right now. Prediction – 135

LaHug’s POD

Josh J. Kennedy

Last 3: 105 (105 avg)

Last 3 against Carlton: 120, 39, 178 (112 avg)

Last 3 at MCG: 76, 66, 62 (68 avg)

If you have an option to loophole later in the weekend, this is the biggest POD of the year. Incredibly low ownership due to missing the first three weeks and an incredibly high ceiling if he kicks a huge back. With Carlton having just about the worst team in the league right now, why won’t Kennedy kick 10? The last time he kicked 10, he scored 178… against Carlton. Prediction – 180 (well, probably not but it’d be fun)

Top 3s

Top 3 VC Options

  1. Patrick Dangerfield
  2. Stephen Coniglio
  3. Nat Fyfe

Top 3 Captain Options

  1. Dustin Martin
  2. Brodie Grundy
  3. Steele Sidebottom

Will Huggett

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