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Round 8 was another cracking round of footy!

Yet again the beasts of the competition displayed significant signs of weakness, which has undoubtedly opened up the playing field! The former dynamic duo, Hawthorn & Sydney seem to be finding their mojo once again & the Chinese witnessed AFL History.

Last week I touched base on the fact we were running out of quality rookies, and despite 3 new bubble boys entering the fray, their averages definitely aren’t the most appetising. For the purpose of this article, I have only mentioned the 2 that I believe are worth consideration.


Price:                       $133,700 Position:                 Midfield
Round 7 Score:     46 Round 8 Score:       58
Average:                   52 Breakeven:               -25
It’s not often we have an established 27 year old rookie priced player at our disposal, but 2 years out of the system means Myers is dirt cheap. It has been a rough few years for the man made of glass and the injury curse has carried over to 2017. An annoying finger injury delayed Myers return to the Bombers but he has managed to reach his bubble without breaking down! Wooo!

In all actuality, the fact he was on the sidelines for 2 months is a blessing in disguise. We are in desperate need of a midfield downgrade option with good job security, and Myers fits the bill perfectly! He stands at 191cm which is big for a midfielder and whilst he isn’t a leather magnet, at his highest peak he managed to average 85 points across the 2014 Season.

It has been a slow start to his scoring in 2017 but after missing so much time from the field, David is still adjusting to today’s game. He has assumed a wing role, floating between the 2 halves & has averaged 16 disposals a game to go along with his total of 9 marks and 8 inside 50’s.

By no means is 52 a huge average, but I believe Bombers will keep the faith in Myers and his job security isn’t much cause for concern. He has to be your number 1 downgrade option this week by a long stretch and I anticipate bigger scores to come for this veteran.



Price:                       $123,900 Position:                 Forward
Round 2 Score:      44 Round 8 Score:       48
Average:                   46 Breakeven:                 -19
Sam Durdin is a versatile big man, who was a former 1st round draft pick back in 2014. He is a classic example of the modern day swingman and has the potential to be great on either end of the field. Sam always charges into a marking contest full of energy and his mobility for a 197cm player is quite impressive.

After the like of Petrie and Firrito were cut from the Kangaroos, this opened the door for Durdin to make his long anticipated debut. Although this was an amazing moment for the young man, it was short-lived as he was dropped the following week! After Jarrod Waite was suspended against the Crows, this paved the way for Sam to return to the firsts against a rampaging Swans brigade.

Being a raw key defender, you are never going to be a huge Supercoach scorer, and this showed as he delivered back-to-back 40’s, accumulating just the 19 possessions across his first 2 games.

With Jarrod Waite returning from suspension I suspect Durdin will be shafted once again, but if he plays and you are desperate to downgrade a forward, Sam’s your man.




Starting Price:         $ 123,900 Current Price:         $275,700
Average:                 64.4 Breakeven:               70
Reason to dump him?

A very solid cash cow this year, Dan has had some fantastic scores but with a breakeven of 70, I think times up for this young Tiger.

Total Money Made:             $151,800


Starting Price:         $213,300 Current Price:         $388,400
Average:                 83.1 Breakeven:               89
Reason to dump him?

Many of us found ourselves trading in WHE in round 3, and he has been a solid servant delivering multiple tons. Despite having the tools to eclipse his breakeven, it’s a good time to consider trading him out.

Total Money Made:             $175,100


Starting Price:         $117,300 Current Price:         $256,000
Average:                 60.2 Breakeven:               65
Reason to dump him?

Tom Williamson was a solid downgrade option back in Round 5 but after consecutive scores of 48 & 38 I think it’s time to give him the flick.

Total Money Made:             $138,700


As I mentioned last week, this is the time of year where rookies are hard to come by. It’s crucial that if you have the opportunity to downgrade someone who has hit their cash ceiling, that you’re not afraid to pull the trigger. We should have several different downgrade options next week so stay tuned!

As always, good luck with your teams this week and I’ll be keeping an eye on the comment section of our Facebook post!

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