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Gee whiz, what a cracking round of footy Round 7 turned out to be!

If there was such a thing as a David v Goliath round, this was it. St. Kilda, North Melbourne & Gold Coast dismantled the beasts of the competition and showed us why nothing is EVER impossible. This just proves yet again why Australian Rules Football is the greatest sport in the world!

Whilst the 2017 Season has proved to be full of great surprises so far, the same cannot be said about our cash cow stocks at this point in time. As we approach Round 8 I’ve got to be honest, I’m feeling quite nervous for what lies ahead. We are officially beginning to run dry of money-making rookies and unless we see a couple of debutants soon, I can count our options for the next few weeks on one hand.


Price:                       $102,400 Position:                 Defender
Round 5 Score:       61 Round 6 Score:       48
Average:                   54.5 Breakeven:                 -48
Ahh yes! Don’t you just love it when a player is only worth $102,400? Step up Benny McNiece. The 24 year old rebounding defender was given a chance at Essendon after being picked up as a category B rookie. Prior to signing with the Dons, McNiece spent the past two seasons with the clubs VFL outfit, where he demonstrated a versatile skillset of offense & defence.

Anzac day is one of the biggest games of the year and what a time to make your AFL debut! Despite adversity, Ben held his nerve and managed to carve out a solid debut, and backed it up with another decent performance the following week. Essendon decided to rest him last week which came as a surprise to all, but here’s hoping he makes a return sooner rather than later!

McNiece managed to average 13 disposals over the course of his first two games and has turned out to be a fantastic user of the footy. With limited competition for spots in Essendon’s backline, I expect that someone like McNiece gets a few games to prove his worth in the seniors.

I have to admit despite the potential upside, I am still a little suss on his job security, but if he can firstly earn a recall from being ‘rested’ with limited downgrade options it may be worth taking a punt on this guy.


Price:                       $123,900 Position:                 Midfield
Round 6 Score:     23 Round 7 Score:       58
Average:                   40.5 Breakeven:               -8
Okay, okay, Kurt Mutimer isn’t the most glamorous downgrade option, but for those that are desperate for a rookie midfielder on the bubble, you may consider bringing in this young eagle.

Many scouts believed that the former Dandenong Stingray was someone who would be lucky to hear his name called on draft night, but West Coast decided to take a punt on this prospect with pick 57. Kurt is a medium-sized midfielder, with a strong penetrating kick, who has potential to play both inside and outside roles.

Fresh after a shock loss to Hawthorn in round 5, the Eagles decided to give Mutimer a chance at senior football. They have played him right in the guts, and he was a feature around a lot of stoppages throughout his first two games. Despite not getting much of the ball, he has shown glimpses of talent and has been applying fantastic tackling pressure.

Scores of 23 and 58 aren’t the most appetising, but if you are in desperate need of a downgrade to generate cash flow, you may decide to take a punt on this young midfielder. With the Eagles being a strong side yet again in 2017, it makes me question Kurt’s job security, but if he can string together a couple of solid games he’s certain to make us some cash.


Price:                       $170,000 Position:                 Defender/Midfielder
Round 3 Score:       32 Round 4 Score:       29
Round 5 Score:       14 Round 6:                 62
Round 7:                   60 Breakeven:               -22
Okay, look I know what you’re all thinking. Why would I ever consider bringing in a player who has averaged just 39.4 over the course of 5 games? I don’t usually suggest bringing in someone with numbers like this but please take the time to hear me out.

Jarrod Berry was high on all of our radars prior to round 1. Unfortunately due to a knee injury, we didn’t see him in action until round 3 against the Saints.

Jarrod was obtained with the 17th pick last year and was touted as having the best leadership skills of any player in the draft. With a large 192cm frame, Berry has a diverse range of attributes to play both a defensive and midfield role. His pure athleticism has meant he slots into the Lions outfit seamlessly, and he doesn’t look like a first year player.

Over Jarrod’s first 3 games he was playing a role in defence and he pumped out poor scores of 32, 29 & 14. His scoring was that bad that he actually dropped in price! Now this is where it gets interesting. After Ryan Bastinac was dropped and Dayne Beams suffered a quad injury, this allowed Berry to make the switch to a predominantly midfield based role. This sparked a jump in all his stats across the board and he pumped out back-to-back 60’s.

With an injury to Mitch Robinson and Dayne Beams still on the sidelines, Jarrod will be a permanent fixture in the midfield and he has sublime job security. At $170,000 he wont break the bank, and if McNiece is not named this week, I’ve found the ideal replacement.



Starting Price:         $123,900 Current Price:         $376,400
Average:                 82.9 Breakeven:               91
Reason to dump him?

After being such an amazing cash cow, it’s sad to let go of this SuperCoach 2017 legend. In Jenkins absence, Otten pumped out scores of 98+ for 4 consecutive weeks, but now Josh is back and Andy is struggling.

Total Money Made:             $252,500


Starting Price:         $160,000 Current Price:         $305,500
Average:                 63 Breakeven:               91
Reason to dump him?

Another solid Crow who has made us some money, but times up for Curtly.

Total Money Made:             $145,500


Starting Price:         $117,300 Current Price:         $288,900
Average:                 67 Breakeven:               63
Reason to dump him?

After being impressive early, Dan has appeared to hit the rookie wall. Back-to-back scores of 50 means Houston, we have a problem.

Total Money Made:             $171,600


This is the time of year, where rookies are hard to come by. It’s crucial that if you have the opportunity to downgrade someone who has hit their cash ceiling, that you’re not afraid to pull the trigger. I hope this was beneficial to you all, and good luck with your teams for round 8!

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