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Wow! We are already embarking on our first bye round of the season. This is the point of the season which separates the more experienced coaches from the pack, who have constructed their teams with caution in preparation for this point of the season. Much like the ski instructor in South Park, if you haven’t planned for the byes, you’re going to have a bad time.

This week is imperative that you downgrade at least one or two players, so that you have enough cash to splash over the next few daunting rounds.


Price:                        $117,300 Position:                 Midfielder/Forward
Round 9 Score:      104 Round 10 Score:       72
Average:                   88 Breakeven:               -107
The Supercoach Gods have delivered us an absolute beauty right on the eve of the bye rounds. I sit here licking my lips at the prospect of this bloke entering my side! There has been a supreme lack of high quality downgrade options in recent weeks, and we have finally been gifted a superb downgrade option.

Hugh Greenwood was thrown the opportunity of a lifetime last year. After working out for the Utah Jazz just 2 years ago and establishing himself as a Perth Wildcat, he decided to switch to Aussie Rules Football.

Hugh is a naturally gifted athlete who possesses the physical tools needed to be a threat in the AFL. He has played as a forward and midfielder in the SANFL and has shown a great goal sense, along with the skills needed to run through the middle.

Although he has averaged just 13 possessions across his first two games, it’s been other assets of his play that have ensured, he has scored well. Hugh had an impressive 3 goal game haul against Brisbane, and has been a superb tackler, averaging 7.5 this season.

He’s done enough to cement a place in the team for at least a few more games, so do yourself a favour and trade in this beautiful specimen NOW!


Price:                       $117,300 Position:                 Midfielder/Forward
Round 9 Score:      67 Round 10 Score:       43
Average:                   55 Breakeven:                 -41
Richmond has an abundance of crafty small forwards, and much like our boy Dan Butler, Shai Bolton could be a solid cash cow this season. After being high on our radars during the pre-season, it’s taken until round 9 for us to see Shai in action.

Bolts was drafted with pick 29 in the 2016 draft and is a speedster of the highest order. He was touted as a freakish talent in his junior days, possessing tremendous agility and pace, with the vertical leap to take huge speckies. He is a flashy goal-sneak who will love hanging around the feet of Jack Riewoldt, pouncing on goals like there’s no tomorrow.

As a smaller forward, it’s very hard to be a damaging Supercoach scorer, but if Bolton can begin to hit the scoreboard and get a bigger chunk of the footy we should see him produce better than what his average suggests.

Make Hugh Greenwood your priority this week, but if you’re looking to downgrade another player, then Shai wouldn’t be the worst option. I find myself questioning his job security at this stage, but hopefully Hardwick gives him a fair crack.


Price:                        $281,800 Position:                 Midfielder
Round 9 Score:      102 Round 10 Score:       112
Average:                   107 Breakeven:                 -48
It’s not often that I suggest a near $300,000 player for cash cow purposes, but a 107 average, -48 breakeven and a great bye round mean Scooter is too good to pass up on.

Scott Selwood was poached by Geelong back in 2015, but after a heap of unfortunate injuries, he’s only managed to play 5 games across 2 seasons. It is interesting to note that he has been a prolific scorer in the past, in 2012 /2013 he averaged over 100 Supercoach Points consecutively! Although he hasn’t reached the heights since then, a great start over his first two games has hopefully reignited the flame.

Now, back in his hay-day, a bunch of Scooters scoring has come from his high possession count, but there is one stat that has simply blown me away this season. Scott has managed to lay a total of 34 tackle in just 2 bloody games! If I was to choose his tackle rating on AFL Evolution it would OVER 9000!!!!

Whilst it will be a tough ask to keep up such a high tackle count, I have faith that Scooter will increase his possession totals as he gets more game time.

If you have some extra cash to splash, you better consider Scott Selwood, because he is simply too good to ignore. If he keeps up this scoring he will be a fantastic stepping stone towards your final midfield premium.



You will notice that there are no players on the chopping block this week. Over the bye rounds it’s crucial that you have as many players playing as possible, so you need to be incredibly cautious before choosing who to trade out. The one player you need to cut though is Curtly Hampton. He is out for 3 months due to injury.

As always, I will be monitoring our Facebook post to help with any of your trade dilemmas!

Good luck guys!

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