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We are almost at the halfway point in the season, teams are preparing for their bye rounds and its left us coaches scratching our heads, trying to find the perfect balance for the next 3 weeks. Whilst most of you are working out the best plan of attack, I am pleased to deliver some much-needed cash cow news.

After several weeks, there has been a ‘rookie drought, but we are finally beginning to see an array of players make their debuts. There is a downgrade target for every single position this week which is fantastic for all coaches to hear.


Price:                       $155,100 Position:                 Defender/Forward
Round 8 Score:      67 Round 9 Score:       66
Average:                   66.5 Breakeven:               -41
Eagle’s big men have had the injury curse recently, and whilst this is a big loss to the team, it’s a big win for McInnes.

Fraser is no stranger to West Coast; he was drafted all the way back in 2011 but has disappointingly only managed to play 9 games for the club. With the apparent curse in full effect, he has managed to find his way back into the first team. McInnes is strong overhead and has versatility to play forward, back and in the ruck. Fraser has mainly been used in a defensive role over the past 2 weeks and most of his disposals are coming by way of hand.

As a taller player in defence, you are never going to score the lights out but his dual position status is a huge bonus, and with limited tall timber healthy, hopefully he can squeeze out some cash for us over the coming weeks. With saying that, as soon as Lycett and Petrie are healthy, this spells obvious danger signs for Fraser’s job security. I wouldn’t bring him in as a forward, but with minimal defensive downgrades, you may decide to pull the trigger on this Eagle.


Price:                       $117,300 Position:                 Midfield
Round 8 Score:      54 Round 9 Score:       47
Average:                   50.5 Breakeven:                 -32
Speaking of injury curses, look no further than the GWS Giants. Can you believe that they have only 26 players available for selection? Its worrying signs out in the west, but for a fringe player like Daniel Lloyd, this presents a tremendous opportunity.

Lloydy was drafted as a mature age rookie in 2016 after an impressive season playing for the Killarney Vale Bombers. He managed to kick 9 goals in a semi-final for the Dons and his versatility to play both midfield and forward is a much-desired asset in todays game.

Daniel has played mainly as a forward at GWS, but went up the ground on various occasions. He has managed to average 15 disposals over the course of his first 2 games and has also hit the scoreboard twice.

Despite making 2 huge comebacks in consecutive weeks, GWS have played poor football. If they can string together some better form this should result in better scoring for Lloyd. With a lot of midfielders out injured, hopefully he will spend more time in the middle. As I mentioned before, there is only 26 available players, so Daniels job security is very promising. Definitely a big one to consider downgrading to this week.


Price:                       $123,900 Position:                 Ruck
Round 7 Score:      62 Round 9 Score:       32
Average:                   47 Breakeven:                 -21
Big Ivan 2.0! After Nank the Tank was suspended, Soldo was given the surprising call up to make his AFL debut. He is the cousin of fellow Tiger Ivan Maric, and he won the bout between his family member to get the call up in round 7.

The former basketballer was brought to the club as a Category B rookie back in 2014 and is a raw draft prospect who is still learning his craft. He has been impressive in the 2’s playing as a ruckman, but when Nankervis is in the side he will be spending more time in the forward line.

He won’t be a huge scorer if he isn’t a sole ruck, and to keep things short and simple, probably don’t touch Soldo. I think he’s a big chance to get dropped this week and job security is a huge issue.


Price:                       $169,800 Position:                 Forward
Round 8 Score:      91 Round 9 Score:       51
Average:                   71 Breakeven:                 -42
James Stewart is another name added to the long list of former GWS players who have found homes in Victoria. He was traded to the Bombers for pick number 77 during last year’s trade period, which means he was basically given away for free. After being starved of opportunities, competing against the like of Patton, Cameron & Lobb, this presents a big chance for the 23 year old to reignite his career.

James is an extremely mobile and athletic 197cm key forward who applies tremendous forward pressure for a big man and can make an impact on the scoreboard.

Stewart has scored 4 goals across two games and he also dished off a couple of goal assists.

When you select a key forward in your team, it’s like riding a rollercoaster so despite a 91 in his first game don’t expect to see this score week in, week out. At $169,800 he is one of the more expensive options to choose from this week, but his job security looks good and he is definitely a better forward option than Fraser McInnes.



Starting Price:         $211,800 Current Price:         $364,300
Average:                 74.2 Breakeven:               89
Reason to dump him?

The number 1 pick in the draft has been a solid contributor this season, but back-to-back scores around 60 means his breakeven is too high. Time to go.

Total Money Made:             $152,600


Starting Price:         $236,100 Current Price:         $376,600
Average:                 76.2 Breakeven:               98
Reason to dump him?

One of the most popular rookies selected at the start of the year, he delivered some special scores but this huge breakeven means it’s time to pull the trigger!

Total Money Made:             $140,500


Starting Price:         $189,300 Current Price:         $384,700
Average:                 72.6 Breakeven:               109
Reason to dump him?

Sam Petrevski-Seton has been one of the most underrated rookie selections of the year. His pre-season injury concerns and high price meant many of us steered away, but he has been a fantastic pick up. He had a couple of mammoth scores this season but a poor run of form means it’s time to say goodbye!

Total Money Made:             $195,400


As always, good luck with your teams this week and I’ll be keeping an eye on the comment section of our Facebook post!

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