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Can you believe we are already approaching Round 6? The first quarter of Season 2017 has been quite an interesting and unpredictable one. The Swans have joined the infamous ‘Owen Club’, The Hawks have only managed to scrape up one victory and Richmond have an unblemished record!

The cash cows keep flooding in numbers and I have a few more downgrade targets in my sight. For the first time also this season I will let you know some of the players that just have to go. With various downgrade options this week, it would be wise for you to sacrifice some of these under-performers in return for a cash generation boost.


Price:                        $123,900 Position:                  Forward/Midfielder
Round 3 Score:       38 Round 4 Score:       73
Average:                   55 Breakeven:               -39

Now I mentioned Harley last time but due to a slight hip complaint he missed last week’s game. Fremantle have named Balic to play against the Eagles in the Western Derby and he is definitely a tantalising downgrade option.  Please see below my recap from last week.


Despite having a lower breakeven than other boys on the bubble and averaging just 55, Harley Balic is the main man you need to trade in this week. He was drafted with pick number 38 in 2015 and was looked upon as a steal for Fremantle. Injury throughout the 2016 season meant Balic wouldn’t get a taste of AFL until Round 3 this year, but he was among  an array of inclusions in a new look Fremantle squad. The former basketball player has a large 187cm frame and can play just about anywhere on the ground. He has tremendous skill and awareness to contribute in the forward line, as well as the vision and motor to play a midfield role similar to Cripps and the Bont. The former Sandringham Dragons player started off his new life in purple quite disappointingly.  A low score of 38 made most of us chop him from our watch list but he managed to bounce back and give us a glimpse of what he is capable of. His 2nd game was a solid 73, securing 15 possessions, kicking a goal and constantly apply tackling pressure.  I think that Balic can only improve from here and his job security looks great in this fresh Docker line-up.



Price:                        $117,300 Position:                  Midfielder
Round 4  Score:      74 Round 5 Score:       51
Average:                   62.5 Breakeven:               -57

A midfielder standing at 175cm isn’t the most imposing presence, but Zac Fisher is proof that size doesn’t always matter. He climbed up the ranks in last year’s draft and made his way onto the baby Blues at Pick 27. Although his light frame has its disadvantages, Zac knows just how to make the most of it. His standout trait is his lightning quick bursts of speed, he can burn just about anyone in the AFL can do some serious damage with ball in hand. Despite being small, Fisher thrives on the contested ball and has the ability to be a clearance king who provides a link between the midfield & forward line. He has played both these positions over his first 2 games and has done enough to suggest he’s a good downgrade option. He has accumulated 29 disposals over his first two outings but the reason for an average score of 51 last week was due to a poor efficiency rating. If he can improve on his accuracy and continue to get a fair chunk of the ball, we will see scores more reminiscent of his first game against the Suns. With seemingly good job security and minimal midfield downgrade options elsewhere, Fish may be the answer to your prayers.



Price:                        $134,900 Position:                  Forward
Round 4 Score:       63 Round 5 Score:       65
Average:                   64 Breakeven:               -50

One of the young blokes who have stepped into a new look Hawthorn side. Blake Hardwick has been in the system for a couple of years now but has played just 5 games. Because of this he has a slightly higher price tag at $134,900 but is still very cheap nonetheless. He was drafted as a forward/inside midfielder whose best attributes were his overhead marking and physicality despite not being the biggest bloke. Despite being listed as a forward on Supercoach and playing there for a majority of his footballing life, he has cracked the best 18 as a member in defence. He has managed to piece together two consistent games, accumulating 29 disposals and getting a lot of points from marking the ball. His ceiling appears to be low at the moment, but with seemingly popular options like Balic and Fisher around, Blake is almost like a POD Rookie pick. His job security is good as Hawthorn are looking to blood their youngsters and -50 is a very solid breakeven score.  Definitely one to consider.


If I had to choose between Balic or Hardwick, I would have to say Harley based on scoring potential, but I could definitely be proved wrong. Toss a coin if you have to, but ultimately, just trust your gut!




Starting Price:         $166,800 Current Price:         $196,400
Average:                  44.8 Breakeven:               24
Reason to dump him?

Has been out of the team for 2 games in a row, will struggle to get a game any time soon.

Total Money Made:             $29,600


Starting Price:         $123,900 Current Price:         $164,300
Average:                  35.2 Breakeven:              19
Reason to dump him?

Do you really need a reason? Sorry Jarrod, but you’re useless.

Total Money Made:             $40,400


Starting Price:         $102,400 Current Price:         $141,900
Average:                  49.3 Breakeven:              -35
Reason to dump him?

Very controversial as he has a -35 breakeven but I’m not convinced he will get another game anytime soon. Has failed to impress.

Total Money Made:             $39,500


I hope this has proved helpful to everyone, as always I will be keeping an eye on our Facebook post ready to answer any queries you may have! Cheers guys.


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