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We have now reached our 2nd week of cash changes and our team values are starting to sky-rocket. This is the part of the season where we sit back, relax and watch our cash cows go to work. There have been plenty of rookies to get our hands on so far and I have another 2 options that may entice you.



Price:                       $102,400                                                                  Position:        Forward/Midfielder

Round 3 Score:       38                                                                             Round 4 Score:       73

Average:                   55                                                                             Breakeven:               -40

Despite having a higher breakeven than other bubble boys, and averaging just 55, Harley Balic is the main man you need to trade in this week. He was drafted with pick number 38 in 2015 and was looked upon as a steal for Fremantle. Injury throughout the 2016 season meant Balic wouldn’t get a taste of AFL until Round 3 this year, but he was among an array of inclusions in a new look Fremantle squad. The former basketball player has a large 187cm frame and can play just about anywhere on the ground. He has tremendous skill and awareness to contribute in the forward line, as well as the vision and motor to play a midfield role similar to Cripps and the Bont. The former Sandringham Dragons player started off his new life in purple quite disappointingly. A low score of 38 made most of us chop him from our watch list, but he managed to bounce back and give us a glimpse of what he is capable of. His 2nd game was a solid 73, securing 15 possessions, kicking a goal and constantly apply tackling pressure. I think that Balic can only improve from here and his job security looks great in this fresh Docker line-up.


Price:                       $117,300                                                                  Position:                 Defender

Round 3 Score:       77                                                                             Round 4 Score:       45

Average:                   61                                                                             Breakeven:             -54

At the ripe age of 18, Tom Williamson was given the call up to make his AFL debut against one of the Blues biggest rivals. Carlton managed to record their first win of the season and Williamson was very solid in his first outing. Despite being a late pick in the 2016 draft, Tom has some tremendous qualities about him that can make him a dangerous player. Standing at 189cm tall, he plays as a rebounding half back who has superb skills with his feet and tremendous agility and speed. He is playing as an outside player at the moment and has managed to average 14 disposals and 4 tackles across his first 2 games. Often at times Williamson has delivered the ball inside 50 to present his team with chances to score. Notching up 77 in his first game was impressive and I expect that he can average around 60-75 as he starts to find his feet. I think Tommy has done enough to earn a spot next week and could be a nice downgrade target.





Price:                       $227,500                                                                  Position:                 Midfielder

Round 1 Score:     78                                                                              Round 2 Score:       90

Round 3 Score:       51                                                                             Round 4 Score:       41

Average:                   65                                                                             Breakeven:             42

One of the most talked about scenarios this week is the debate on whether it’s time to trade Sam Powell-Pepper.

First of all, I honestly think that it’s too early to give up on any of our rookies, but especially think it’s preposterous that this man is topping the list for many. Yes his breakeven is 42 and he failed to reach that in his last game, but this guy still has so much to offer. After round 2, SPP was one of the hottest names in football, he made an instant impact and showed us BEAST MODE. He amassed 25 disposals in his 2nd game and possessed tremendous feats of strength with a ‘don’t argue’ that can only be compared to Dusty. Purely looking at SuperCoach scores for rounds 3 and 4, it leads many of us to believe Sam has hit the rookie wall, but this simply isn’t the case.

One reason for this downfall is he has assumed the ominous tagging role, but that’s not the main reason for poor scoring. Power have just been in 2 tough games against premiership favourites, Adelaide and GWS. Sam assumed the exact same role in round 2 and still managed to score 90. Even the best of players struggle against top teams, but SPP held his ground and still managed to contribute nicely. His job security is probably the best of any rookie and with games against Carlton and Brisbane coming up, please don’t give up on him, because stats suggest, you will regret it.


That’s it for this edition of Kano’s Key, as always I will be monitoring the comments section of our Facebook post ready to answer all your questions!

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