Judge Jesse!


This week, Doctor SuperCoach brings you the Judge’s verdict on two premium midfielders for those needing to replace Joel Selwood! As always these two players have been chosen by our community! They are Carlton’s Bryce Gibbs and Essendons Dyson Heppell.


Bryce Gibbs

Bryce Gibbs celebrates a goal by pointing to his own name.

Age: 28

Price: $466,300

Position: Mid

Average: 105.1


The former South Australian under 18s captain was drafted with the first overall pick in the 2006 national draft. He showed how well respected he was straight away by earning a spot in Carlton’s leadership group before playing his first game. He also joined the exclusive club of players who scored a goal with his first kick. At the end of the 2016 season however, Gibbs requested a trade home to South Australia – but a deal was unable to be brokered. Gibbs would be thinking right now that he has three more rounds to convince Adelaide they need him. Gibbs has actually had quite a good season in parts, but a few pretty ordinary scores have seen his price drop $110, 000 since Round one. Hurts if you started with him. This season he has averaged 27 disposals, five marks and six tackles. Let’s not forgot also that in Round 13 against the Suns Gibbs absolutely turned it on and was easily best on ground gathering 43 disposals, eight marks, 10 tackles, two goals and seven clearances on his way to a frankly ridiculous 208 SuperCoach points. If he can get close to a performance like that again you’d better hope you’ve got him.


 Dyson Heppell

Dyson Heppell slightly overuses the hair gel pre game in order to intimidate opponents.

Age: 25

Price: $504, 500

Position: Mid

Average: 101


The former Gippsland Power captain was selected with pick eight in the 2010 national draft after rumors of him having groin problems scared off a few others. The Bombers got an absolute bargain, as Heppell was touted by many experts to go top three. In his first season, anyone who knew anything about SuperCoach had him as a cash cow, and he managed to stay in quite a few teams until late in the season, in which he ultimately finished off with an average of 84. Not bad for a first year player. Fast forward to 2016 and Heppell was unfortunately banned from playing for the whole year. Owing to this, coaches received a discount on his price coming into the 2017 season, and could pick him up for $513,000. Heppell started the season very strongly with a 152, thanks largely to his three goals and seven tackles. Throughout the entirety of the season he averaged 27 disposals, five marks and four tackles. He has led the Bombers well this season, and gained the respect of many in the AFL.


The Judgement

I tell you what, Community – I hope you held onto those trades because if you had Joel Selwood in your team you’re going to need one this week, and either of these boys would be fine options. My issue with Heppell is that, with the exception of rounds one and 20, he rarely pumps out those crazy monster scores that other midfielders are capable of. He also dropped below 60 in the Round 14 loss to the Swans. He has however, scored over 100 ten times this season, and has done this in each of his last three. Gibbs on the other hand is capable of those big scores (the 208 is still one of the most dominant displays I’ve ever seen from a player) but also has the tendency to drop some real stinkers into the mix. In fact, he has scored under 60 three times this year, two of those being rounds 18 and 19. Those numbers are slightly alarming to me. Regular readers will know the SuperCoach value I hold above all others is CONSISTENCY! It’s for this reason that I would take the safer option out of the two and go for Heppell, but Gibbs is a risk which could be worth taking.

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