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First of all, what is a midpricer? In my experience it’s best to categorize a midpricer as a player between 220k and 500k. However this does NOT include players in their first season.

In the Social Media age of SuperCoach, it becomes hard to decipher which players you should and shouldn’t be starting in your teams.

I’m going to break down some of the top owned Midpricers of SuperCoach, and give you some (very honest) thoughts as to whether or not you should be on board. 

MIDPRICERS – Between $220k and $500k


Jaeger O’Meara – 318k, MID (52% Ownership)

Jaeger has missed the last two seasons through Injury.

Over season 1 and 2 he averaged 90 and 97 respectively. There is no doubt he can average 100+ and at that price would be a complete steal. Ask yourself the question though: Are you ready to burn a trade if he misses 5+ games?

Verdict: Recommend, but prepare for missed games.



Aaron Sandilands – 308k, RUC (45%)

Sandi wont play 22 games. He hasn’t played 22 games since 2008.

You’ll most likely need coverage in your R3 or Forward Line and if that’s needed you may as well go with a 600k ruck. Even one game missed can hurt with the Rucks, as covering them gets very difficult.

Verdict: Recommend, but if you get too thin trying to accommodate for a cover you may need to pass.


Jarryd Roughead367k, FWD (43%)

What an amazing achievement. Captain Roughy is clear of cancer and clear for our forward lines. Hasn’t moved from my team since SC opened.

Last 5 seasons 101, 103, 98, 95, 96 and played over 20 games for last 4 seasons!




Dayne Beams – 432k, MID (43%) – The fact that he is a captain tells me to expect 18+ games. Has averaged 123 once and 110+ 3 times.

Beams has never played full a season so expect missed games and plan accordingly. Beams is too cheap not to select.

Verdict: Lock



David Swallow – 280k, MID (38%)

Was his 2014 season average of 103 an outlier with three seasons prior of averaging 79, 78 and 79?

Swallow only played 6 games in 2014 and 0 games in 2015 so like Beams, the injuries are a concern.

If he scores 80 he will be a 435k player and have a total increase of 155k.

Verdict: More of a cash cow than a keeper, but will make less cash than a rookie cash cow. Could make for solid bench cover at seasons end.


Toby Nankervis – 366k, RUC/FWD (33%)

11 games of AFL. Eleven. Averaged 42 and 74. Does he jump to 90 all of a sudden? It does seem unlikely. Anything can happen in the world of SuperCoach.

Career Supercoach average of 59.

He is Richmond’s #1 ruck, but we have other #1 rucks that aren’t SuperCoach studs.

Verdict: Hoping I am wrong because his price is juicy. I’ve fallen for far too many social media hype picks in the past. Pass for me, but may end up in my side mid if he breaks out like everyone believes he will.


Jack Steele – 347k, FWD/MID (26%)

Steele has averaged 64 over his first two seasons. Without a doubt is an absolute weapon on the field but is still quite young and could go missing. Hasn’t shown much previously but could pay off quite large if he breaks out as he is at a new team with a chance to have a role change.

Verdict: Monitor over first 3-4 games and jump on if he goes 90+ over those games.


Jobe Watson – 453k, MID (18%)

Ceiling of 120 as he has gone there before. Could easily go 105-110. Not a huge risk and like the pick. Jobe wont be a top 10 mid though so curve your expectations.

Verdict: Recommend


Zach Tuohy – 443k, DEF (17%)

The endurance is fantastic. Plays 22 games every year. Has quite a low ceiling and has averaged 60, 79 and 80 over the last 3 seasons. I don’t believe he will jump to 90+ just because he has gone to a different team where the ball will seemingly be in the backline a lot less.

See Suckling as an example. At the Hawks he averaged 82, 77 and 73.

He went to the Dogs and averaged 76, which is quite similar albeit in a smaller sample size.

Verdict: Pass, seems like a social media hype trap.


Patrick Ryder – 418k, RUC/FWD (15%)

Ryder has averaged 101 and 104 prior to 2014, but never in the new ruck scoring system. Since the new ruck scoring system Ryder has only played the one season and averaged 85 over 18 games. If he manages to average 90 he could be a great forward swingman to cover a Sandilands selection.

Verdict: Not selecting as a R1/R2, recommend as a FWD with the ability to swing to cover Rucks.


Tom Boyd – 290k, RUC/FWD (13%)

What is happening here? Tom Boyd has played 3 seasons and averaged a gigantic set of scores. 44. 52. 53.

13% Ownership is insane.

Verdict: Do not pick Tom Boyd because he kicked a big goal in the Grand Final (Queue BT’s radio commentary). He’s not a fallen premo or breakout contender.



Robert Murphy – 392k, DEF (13%)

Gotta love a bit of Bob. Up until last year he only ever missed 2-3 games a season. He is now 34-years old so we may see age start to catch up to him but can definitely anchor your defense with a 90 average.

Verdict: Monitor. If he is blowing up over the first few games you may be able to sideways trade an under-performer to him.

Christian Petracca – 395k, FWD (12%)

Is anyone picking Weitering in Defense? Why not? They’re both second year players. Both averaged close to 70 points. Both not solid options, but Petracca has bigger name value.

Verdict: Don’t get sucked into name value, will be a jet, but not right now.



Jarrod Witts – 217k, RUC (12%)

Witts has shown that he can average 70 in two separate seasons at the Pies.

My feeling is that his best case is 75.

Verdict: Take as an R3 Cover but not an R2 for mine. If you plan to upgrade at the byes he may be a decent selection.



Nathan Hrovat – 301k MID/FWD (9.6%)

Hrovat played 4 games late in the season last year: 68 (85% TOG), 73 (72% TOG), 83 (67% TOG), 53 (52% TOG.) Not overly impressive but you can see with the lower TOG games he may have had good scores.

The highest he has averaged was 74 back in 2014. The problem with his career at the Doggies was his lack of games played. He is now at North and may have more opportunity

Verdict: Monitor. Sample size is too small to make a decision as to whether or not he will be SC relevant. Could be very relevant as a MID/FWD swing.


That’s all, folks!

If you’ve made it this far, thank you.


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