SuperCoach Captains 2018 – Round 1


The VC Loophole

Thanks to rolling lockouts in SuperCoach, you always have two shots at a big score for your captain. Don’t know how it works? Read on.

  1. Have a player in your team that will not play that week. Start them on the field. Make sure you have an emergency in that position.
  2. Set your VC to someone playing early in the week (Friday night, Saturday afternoon), playing their game before the player that won’t play and before your other captain option.
  3. Set your C to someone playing after your VC (it’s always good to have your C on a legitimate option in case something goes wrong and you can’t get on to change it).
  4. If your VC scores well, switch the C to the player that isn’t playing. Your VC’s score will be doubled instead. If your VC doesn’t score well, you don’t have to change anything. Let your C bring you home.

There are three options this year. The Dogs play the most Sunday games (10 total, 4 pre-bye) so Jordan Sweet is probably your guy if you don’t need DPP. The Hawks play the most Sunday games pre-bye and we’ll probably all have donuts post-bye so Ned Reeves is a great option too. If you plan on getting Westhoff in your forward line at some stage, you’ll want Fwd/Ruc DPP. Patrick Bines is the go-to here as, although they only play Sunday twice pre-bye, they play after Collingwood 9 times so you can almost always use Grundy as VC. That said, you get no loopholing ability in Round 9 by using Bines unless you’ve got another donut by then. I’m leaning towards Bines right now in hopes of having Westhoff to cover the dreaded Gawn/Grundy bye. Good luck!

VC Options – Round 1

Patrick Cripps

Last 3 against Richmond: 130, 134, 50 (105 avg)

Last 3 at MCG: 108, 187, 152 (149 avg)

Cripps is an obvious loophole choice this week and should be very popular. Showed a great ceiling last year with scores of 187 and 173 last year. He started with a 130 against the Tigers last year and should start similarly again. Prediction – 130

Dustin Martin

Last 3 against Carlton: 139, 121, 159 (140 avg)

Last 3 at MCG: 45, 122, 104 (90 avg)

I started last year by banking Dusty’s 139 against the Blues and yet I can’t even start him in my team this year. My concern is that Lynch probably won’t play and Caddy definitely won’t play so, even if Balta gets named as a second tall forward, Dusty will play more forward than usual for the first few weeks. This can be a good thing against lesser teams (see his 141 against Brisbane last year) but I think the risk outweighs the reward. POD option and still loves the Blues regardless. Prediction – 120

Brodie Grundy

Last 3 against Geelong: 137, 83, 107 (109 avg)

Last 3 at MCG: 141, 146, 118 (135 avg)

Grundy loves the MCG and has no problem scoring against the Cats with a 137 last year. What I love about Grundy this week is that Geelong’s already weak ruck stocks are depleted and he pumped out 7 scores of 150+ last year. I’ll be giving him the VC in my squad. Prediction – 140

Patrick Dangerfield

Last 3 against Collingwood: 137, 146, 65 (116 avg)

Last 3 at MCG: 79, 160, 132 (124 avg)

The fact that he plays against Grundy means that many people will be ignoring Danger for the VC this week. Pretty handy to have a unique option that has 137 and 146 in his last two against his opponent, had scores of 187 and 160 last year, and may get more midfield time with GAJ playing more forward. Prediction – 140

Captain Options – Round 1

Max Gawn

Last 3 against Port: 140, 108, 151 (133 avg)

Last 3 at MCG: 127, 107, 156 (130 avg)

Can be used as a VC too if you’re using one of the below guys as your C but I’ve chucked Gawn here because I’ll be making him my C. Great previous scoring against Port but obviously their ruck stocks have changed. The biggest factor for me is that Gawn had his colours lowered in that Preliminary Final against a ruck duo he scored 156 on just before finals. He comes up against the same ruck in Lycett this week and I’m confident he’ll want revenge. Prediction – 135

Jack Macrae

Last 3 against Sydney: 103, 123, 98 (108 avg)

Last 3 at Docklands: 110, 153, 121 (128 avg)

If you’re paying up for Macrae, you’re expecting to use him as a viable captain option each week. I’m wary of the Hewett tag this week and his scoring history against the Swans is another negative against him. Of course, Macrae had three scores above 160 last year so he might still be worth a punt. Prediction – 115

Lachie Neale

Last 3 against West Coast: 120, 151, 113 (128 avg)

Last 3 at Gabba: 125, 51, 96 (91 avg)

I love Neale’s history against the Eagles and I think he’ll want to perform big in his first game for the Lions. He finished last year with three straight scores above 130 and he has a good ceiling, including 151 against the Eagles earlier in the year. Should be safe too with 16 of his last 18 scores 100+. Prediction – 125

Stephen Coniglio

Last 3 against Essendon: 138, 111, 95 (115 avg)

Last 3 at Showgrounds: 98, 79, 90 (89 avg)

A lot of people are expecting Cogs to hit another gear this year after Shiel’s departure. Kelly’s Round 1 doubts put even more weight on his shoulders but when does it become too much? Cogs finished the year unusually poor at home but I think he’ll correct that quickly and should be good against his old team mate. Prediction – 125

Nat Fyfe

Last 3 against North: 163, 139, 126 (143 avg)

Last 3 at Perth: 66, 43, 163 (91 avg)

Huge red flag from an injury perspective but we’ve got to assume Fyfe’s fit if named Round 1. His scoring history against the Roos is incredible and I’d love to pick him for my own team but I’m too afraid that his elbow is not 100%. If you’re backing him in to start the season, he’s also a good captain option. Prediction – 130

LaHug’s POD

Scott Pendlebury

Last 3 against Geelong: 149, 140, 155 (148 avg)

Last 3 at MCG: 58, 83, 102 (81 avg)

Double-POD here as Pendles only appears in 3% of teams. It’s a huge risk to pick any Collingwood midfielder this season but, if you’re already going with Dependlebury, you could get an extra leg up with the VC on Friday night. His scoring history against the Cats speaks for itself. Potential – 150

LaHug’s Picks

Top 5 VC/C Combos

  1. Brodie Grundy/Max Gawn
  2. Patrick Dangerfield/Max Gawn
  3. Patrick Cripps/Brodie Grundy
  4. Patrick Cripps/Patrick Dangerfield
  5. Patrick Cripps/Max Gawn

Will Huggett

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